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Memoir Bombshell

Former White House press secretary and Bush loyalist Scott McClellan writes in a new memoir that President Bush sold an "unnecessary" war in Iraq to the American people using a political propaganda campaign. We speak with Mike Allen, chief political correspondent for Politico.

Foreclosure Fallout

The number of homes entering foreclosure spiked 65 percent last month over the same period last year for a total of 243,000 properties.

Conservation Refugees

The drive to save endangered species and protect bio-diversity often leads to the expulsion of native people. Our guest, Mark Dowie, says it's not only a human tragedy, it is also a mistake because those people have generally been the best stewards of what environmentalists hope to protect.

Honorary Degrees

They were once only given to the serious and weighty. Today they are also given to celebrities like Paul McCartney and puppets like Kermit the Frog. Essayist Joseph Epstein says it's a problem and he laments the fall from high-seriousness that he thinks is the proper role of universities and colleges.


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Protest 101

A new exhibit at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology explains the fine art of protest. Here & Now's Ken Shulman toured the show and filed this report.

This program aired on May 28, 2008.


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