Rundown 2/04

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Elizabeth Warren Reacts to Compensation Limits

President Obama announces cuts in executive pay at companies receiving bailout money. Elizabeth Warren, chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel, says she's pleased to hear about the limits; she says "it really sounds like somebody is beginning to get the message, that what we do here involves the American people. It's their money. They have a right to know about it."

Adopting Children with Down Syndrome

A woman from Ohio offers a unique experience about children and adults with Down Syndrome. Robin Steele has adopted four children with Down Syndrome and she has 8 others with special needs- 13 in total. She also works with the National Adoption Awareness Program, matching families who feel they need to give up a child with Down Syndrome with those who want to adopt them.

The SEC 'Bites Like A Flea'

The whistleblower from Whitman, Massachusetts, testifies before Congress today about Bernard Madoff's multi-billion dollar, global Ponzi scheme. The SEC, said Harry Markopolos, "continues to roar like a lion and bite like a flea." He says he warned the SEC for over a decade about Madoff's financial operations. Our guest is Steve Geimann, editor, Bloomberg News Service.

Robin Young's Mercury Misadventure

Host Robin Young has a cold. And when she unearthed her 20 year-old thermometer, the mercury leaked out, setting off a firestorm of activity on her street from emergency personnel. It turns out that broken thermometers are a huge problem. Joe Minott of the Clean Air Council tells us how to dispose of them safely.

Handel for Headbangers

The East Village Opera Company "re-imagines" classic opera arias and infuses them with influences from classic Rock and Roll hits. We revisit our conversation with Peter Kiesewalter and Tyley Ross, co-founders of the group, about their CD "Olde School" which is up for a Grammy award this Sunday.

This program aired on February 4, 2009.


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