Rundown 2/05

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Stimulus Package- What's In? What's Out?

Senate Republicans added new tax relief for homebuyers into a $900 billion stimulus bill. With a vote expected tonight, we'll speak with Gail Chaddock, Capitol Hill correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor.

The Bioethics of Fertility Treatment

Is the recent birth of octuplets in California a medical miracle or did it cross an ethical line? We talk to George Annas, a bioethicist at Boston University, and Dr. Michael Alper, a fertility specialist at Boston IVF.

Return to Afghanistan

32-year-old Rangina Hamidi spent her formative years in the US, but returned to her native Afghanistan after the September 11th attacks. She's back in the US this week, meeting with congressional aides. She told them that President Obama's plan for 30,000 additional troops would be welcome, as long as they don't bomb innocent civilians, who are forced to shelter Taliban insurgents. She also tells us how women are gaining power, by earning an income through the non-profit organization, KandaharTreasures.

Street Artist Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey's now iconic image of Barack Obama propelled the "street artist" into the national spotlight. But Fairey has been creating works for 20 years and now the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston is hosting an extensive exhibition covering his career. Here and Now's Andrea Shea reports.

This program aired on February 5, 2009.


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