Rundown 2/11

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Bankers Testify

The CEOs of eight banks that received government bailout money testify on Capitol Hill about whether they're using the money well. We speak with Steve Geiman, an editor at Bloomberg News Service.

The View of a Regional Banker

Doug Chaffin is president of Monroe Bank and Trust in Michigan and his bank is not taking federal bailout money. He says there's a cost to shareholders if a bank takes the money; he also says his bank just doesn't need it...he has enough money to lend. But Chaffin says unemployment in the region is a problem; customers won't take out loans if they have no income.

Divided Israeli Parliament

Right wing parties pulled ahead after yesterday's national elections in Israel. No party won a decisive victory leaving the country in political limbo. What's next and what are the prospects for a Middle East peace? We'll speak with Aaron David Miller of the Woodrow Wilson International Center.

Raising Taxes

Matt Miller says Republicans and Democrats both know that eventually taxes will have to go up. In his new book, "The Tyranny of Dead Ideas," Miller says once everyone accepts that, government can focus on ways to raise money that are best for the economy like lowering payroll taxes and increasing taxes on dirty energy and consumption.

Listener Letters

We hear from listeners on how some of our recent stories are affecting them. A group in Santa Cruz, California tells us they were so inspired by “Three Cups of Tea” Author Greg Mortenson that they're sculpting pottery to raise money for schools in Afghanistan. Robin Young's story about breaking a thermometer brings us advice on how to dispose of mercury safely. And our conversation about Philadelphia libraries that were nearly shut down due to budget cuts brought us another story of how a community in Oregon took over their own libraries to keep them open.

Valentine's Day Film Picks

We revisit a conversation we had last Valentine's Day with Boston Globe film critic Ty Burr. If you're looking to spend the holiday at home with a movie, Ty has some suggestions for romantic films that he feels have withstood the test of time.

This program aired on February 11, 2009.


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