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Washington vs. the Credit Card Industry

Congress is seeking ways to curb what many call abusive policies by credit card companies which leave card holders with unexpectedly high interest rates and huge debt. The House and Senate are both generating bills to this effect, and the White House is meeting with credit card company executives this week. We speak to Washington Post banking reporter, Binyamin Appelbaum.

Until It Hurts

Imagine a 5 year-old skipping meals for days to "cut weight" for a wrestling meet; or a high school swimmer taking part in a 24-hour practice; or Little Leaguers throwing so many pitches that they need surgery before they hit high school. BusinessWeek sports writer Mark Hyman investigates how adults can push kids too far in youth sports in his new book, "Until it Hurts, America's Obsession with Youth Sports and How It Harms Our Kids."

A First in Turkey

A designer best known for her stylish bars and restaurants is making history in Turkey. Zeynep Fadillioglu is the first woman to design a mosque in Istanbul. The BBC's Sarah Rainsford reports.

Ten Years After Columbine

With 13 killed and 23 wounded, Columbine was the worst school shooting in American history at the time. Many more have followed. We'll speak with Joseph Lieberman, author of "School Shootings: What Every Parent Needs To Know To Protect Our Children."

Boston Marathon

Salina Kosgei of Kenya narrowly beats Dire Tune of Ethiopia to win the women's division of the 113th Boston Marathon. (AP)
Salina Kosgei of Kenya narrowly beats Dire Tune of Ethiopia to win the women's division of the 113th Boston Marathon. (AP)

Here and Now's Alex Ashlock joins us from the finish line with the winners of the 113th running of the Boston Marathon. We will also revisit an interview Alex did with Katherine Switzer. In 1967, she was the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon. The picture of race director Jock Semple trying to tackle flashed around the work, setting the stage for Switzer to become a pioneer in women's running. Her book, "Marathon Woman," is just out in paperback.

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This program aired on April 20, 2009.


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