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Democrats and Republicans in Congress are clashing over who knew what when about waterboarding, as the first Congressional hearing following the release of Bush-era torture memos takes place. We speak with Carolyn Lochhead, Washington correspondent for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Quality of Death

In her new public radio documentary, "Quality of Death - End of Life Care: Inside Out," reporter Rachel Gotbaum witnessed patients and their family members struggling with life and death decisions. She investigated the way Americans die and how the emerging field of palliative medicine is helping people navigate complicated medical decisions and come to terms with their death when it appears to be inevitable.

Driving while Texting

Ten states and the District of Columbia ban drivers from sending text messages, dozens more are considering bans. And there have been recent accidents involving texting in Boston and Los Angeles - so why do people still continue the behavior? We hear from Dr. Michael Siegel, who says people experience "optimistic bias," they think accidents won't happen to them. He's professor of Behavioral and Social Science at the Boston University School of Public Health.

Can Microfinance End Poverty in Africa?

Microlending programs are used around the world to help poor people start small businesses; they borrow small amounts of money and pay the loans back in increments. Now the group CARE hopes to bring microfinancing, which emphasizes savings and loans, to Africa. We speak with Lauren Hendricks about CARE's work in microfinancing; she oversees "Access Africa" for CARE.

Hill Country Revue

Hill Country Revue members performing at South by Southwest Festival, 2009. (Portal and Friends, Flickr)
Hill Country Revue members performing at South by Southwest Festival, 2009. (Portal and Friends, Flickr)

The members of Hill Country Revue call their music modern blues but their sound is deeply rooted in the traditional blues of Mississippi. The band's new CD, "Make A Move," features a potent mix of raw blues and classic southern rock. Before a recent show in Boston, Here and Now's Alex Ashlock caught up with the band.

Music from the show

  • Air, "Mike Mills"
  • Radiohead, "Where I End and You Begin"
  • The Lickets, "Meat City"
  • Steve Earle, "Transcendental Blues"
  • Hill Country Revue, "You Can Make It"
  • Hill Country Revue, "Dirty Shirt"
  • Hill Country Revue, "Let Me Love You"
  • Hill Country Revue, "Georgia Women
  • Hill Country Revue, "Hill Country Revue"
  • Hill Country Revue, "Growing Up In Mississippi"

This program aired on May 13, 2009.


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