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Free Medical Care

While the nation debates whether to reform healthcare, a group based in Tennessee is holding a massive health clinic in California this week. From dental care to eye tests, people are lining up for help — all of it is free of charge and done by volunteer healthcare professionals. Don Manelli is with Remote Area Medical and explains who's coming and what kind of services they're getting.

Pythons in Florida

The state of Florida is on high alert for Burmese pythons, licensing hunters to go out and find, kill and study the non-native snake. Native to southeast Asia, one has to ask how the enormous reptiles got here, and do they pose a real problem? We speak to Shawn Heflick, President of the Central Florida Herpetological Society and recently licensed Florida python hunter, and Burkhard Bilger, staff writer for the New Yorker who writes that Florida is a "a biological cesspool of introduced life".

How is the Millennial Generation Changing the Workplace?

The "millennial generation" includes people born between 1980 and 1999, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there are 40 million of them working in businesses today. Dr. Joanne G. Sujansky says she sees many businesses struggling to accommodate this generation that wants more flexibility, extra feedback, and more opportunity for career advancement. She's co-author of "Keeping the Millennials: Why Companies are Losing Billions in Turnover to This Generation--and What to Do About It."

Why We Fight in Afghanistan

Seth Moulton is a former Marine captain who did four tours of duty in Iraq. This summer, the 30-year-old took on a new role - as a part time journalist - to cover the war in Afghanistan for Dan Rather's HD-Net. Moulton tells us the war in Afghanistan is tougher and more complicated than the one he fought in Iraq. And he worries that the Taliban will one day seize back control unless the US comes up with a more comprehensive strategy.

Awakening Alzheimer's

Can a painting or a piece of music awaken an Alzheimer's patients memories? A program called ARTZ, or Arts for Alzheimer's, leads museum trips for people with Alzheimer's. We'll travel with the group top the National Heritage Museum in Lexington, Massachusetts and speak to Dr. John Zeisel, president of Hearthstone Alzheimer's Foundation and author of "I'm Still Here: A Breakthrough Approach to Understanding Someone Living With Alzheimer's", and Sean Caulfield, creative director and co-founder with Dr. Zeisel of ARTZ, Artists for Alzheimer's. The museum network is funded through a grant from the the McCance Family Foundation

Music from the show

  • Charles Mingus, "Pedal Point Blues"
  • The Rolling Stones, "Miss You"
  • The Lickets, "A Crowd of Pimps In the Rain"
  • Ahmad Jamal, "Patterns"
  • Pat Metheny “Learning on the Road”

This program aired on August 12, 2009.


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