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Goldman Sachs Reports Big Earnings As It Faces A Big Lawsuit

Traders work in the Goldman Sachs booth on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. (AP)
Traders work in the Goldman Sachs booth on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. (AP)

Goldman Sachs reports that its first quarter earnings almost doubled to $3 billion. But the investment bank is facing a major lawsuit from the S.E.C., which accuses Goldman of working with a hedge fund manager to create bad debts for its investors and failing to tell them how they were created. We speak with Jesse Eisinger, senior reporter for

Democrats Seize Goldman Lawsuit To Push Through Financial Regulations

Congressional Democrats are hoping the recent S.E.C. lawsuit against Goldman Sachs will give them ammunition as they move to pass sweeping financial regulations. Republicans have called on Democrats to throw out their bill and start from scratch on a bipartisan bill.  But Democrats say their bill will prevent another financial meltdown, by changing the way investors buy and sell derivatives. Gail Chaddock of the Christian Science Monitor is our guest.

Top Secret iPhone Found: Blunder or Marketing Ploy?

A familiar gadget was left behind at a bar in California last month. Although it looked like a run of the mill iPhone, it was eventually identified as Apple's next iPhone, which is not on sale yet and supposedly top secret. So did someone from Apple accidentally forget it - or was it left behind to create some buzz? We might never know what happened, but Apple would not be the first company to try to create buzz about a product using what's called "stealth marketing." David Balter, C.E.O. and founder of BzzAgent, a word-of-mouth marketing firm based in Boston, is our guest.

Long Lost Lincoln Film Makes Its Premiere

Novel About 80's Housing Bust Mirrors Today's Meltdown

Cover image from "Model Home."
Cover image from "Model Home."

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This program aired on April 20, 2010.


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