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Senate Interrogates Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs employees on Capitol Hill in Washington (AP)
Goldman Sachs employees on Capitol Hill in Washington (AP)

Today a Senate subcommittee grills top executives from Goldman Sachs, alleging the investment firm knowingly misled clients into investing in mortgage-backed securities that Goldman knew would fail. The hearing comes ten days after the SEC filed a civil fraud case against the Wall Street giant for its actions. We speak with Gretchen Morgenson, business and financial editor and columnist for the New York Times.

Cracking And Using Your Genetic Code

So far, fewer than 20 people have had their entire genome sequenced, and most of them are at a conference in Massachusetts this week. We speak with two conference participants who say that what we do with our genes is still more interesting what what's in our genes. Our guests are technology investor Esther Dyson, who has had her entire genome sequenced, and with Thomas Goetz, executive editor of Wired Magazine and author of "The Decision Tree: Taking Control of Your Health in the New Era of Personalized Medicine."

Airlines Warn New Rule Will Lead To More Canceled Flights

The airline industry is warning that new transportation rules will lead to more flight cancellations. Starting Thursday, airlines will face fines of $27,500 per passenger when their planes are stuck on the tarmac for more than three hours. Airlines say they will cancel flights rather than face the possibility of fines, with predictions that as many as 15% of flights could be canceled in the New York area alone. Our guest is Bloomberg News transportation reporter John Hughes.

Offshore Wind Energizes Europe

The U.S. government is considering a controversial proposal to build the nation's first off-shore wind farm off the coast of Massachusetts. Opponents say it will be bad for the fishing industry — that it will threaten ancient Indian burial grounds — and that it'll destroy the view; supporters say it will provide a much-needed alternative fuel. We'll look at how offshore wind farms in Europe are faring with Guy Chazan of the Wall Street Journal.

Rockette Hopefuls Kick High

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This program aired on April 27, 2010.


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