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Lawmakers Head Home For Holiday Weekend

Congress takes a week-long break for the July 4th holiday, but what will they face when they head home? The Senate has yet to pass financial reform, and big public interest groups, like the Chamber of Commerce are targeting some Republican lawmakers to make sure they don't support the bill. Meanwhile, new job numbers pointed to a slowing economy. NPR's political junkie, Ken Rudin joins us. We also check in with Miami Herald reporter, Marc Caputo on how immigration and oil spill politics are affecting Florida's U.S. Senate race. John Brummett of the Arkansas News tells us how Sen. Blanche Lincoln is faring after barely surviving the Democratic primary challenge there.

Independence Day Brings Families Together

The Henry family gathered at a reunion from years gone by.
The Henry family gathered at a reunion from years gone by.

The 4th of July holiday is a popular time for family get-togethers, but some are bigger than others. We touch down with two families who are holding reunions this weekend: the Henry's in Ohio and the Rashid family in Illinois. The Henry's are reuniting for the first time in 15 years. The Rashid's, on the other hand, are holding their 82nd straight annual reunion.

Researchers Identify Fountain Of Youth Genes

If you could take a test that would tell you whether you might live to 100, would you take it? You might one day have that opportunity. Researchers say they've discovered a cluster of genetic markers that predict long life with amazing accuracy. Dr. Thomas Perls, one of the lead researchers, tells us about his study on centenarian genes that appears in the journal, Science.

'Restrepo' Offers Unflinching Look At War In Afghanistan

How Does Kathy Gunst's Garden Grow?

Here & Now's Kathy Gunst is hard at work in her garden.
Here & Now's Kathy Gunst is hard at work in her garden.

We visit Here and Now resident chef Kathy Gunst at her home in Maine. Kathy's backyard garden is a cornucopia of greens: herbs, leeks, broccoli and garlic are just a few of the offerings. Kathy's peas and lettuce are also the base of her summer soup.

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This program aired on July 2, 2010.


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