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Representatives of Toyota and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration examine a crashed Toyota Prius. (AP )
Representatives of Toyota and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration examine a crashed Toyota Prius. (AP )

Early Tests Blame Drivers For Toyota Sudden Acceleration Problems

Federal investigators are reportedly finding that driver error may be to blame for some of the accidents in which Toyota vehicles suddenly accelerated. Sample testing done of some vehicle data recorders shows the throttles in the cars were wide open and the brakes were not engaged. But at least one driver of a Toyota that was studied by investigators continues to insist she had her foot on the brake and not on the gas pedal. We speak with Wall Street Journal Detroit reporter Mike Ramsey.

Political Parties Gear Up For Fall Campaigns, Face Anger From Their Bases

Republicans are figuring out how to work around controversial party chief Michael Steele. Democrats are figuring out how to run with President Obama, without getting bogged down by his lagging poll numbers. But the biggest challenge for both both parties is the anger from within- an energized and angry base in each party that is unhappy with incumbents and political compromises. We speak with Dan Balz, senior political writer for the Washington Post.

'Ticket Angels' Warn Car Owners About Street Cleaning

Matthew Parker and Christopher Harati got tired of getting $61 tickets for failing to move their cars on street sweeping days in Santa Monica, California. So they decided to do something about it: they formed Ticket Angels, a business where they warn their clients they'll be ticketed if they don't move their cars in time for the city cleaning crews, who sweep each street twice a week.

Seven Missing World War II Airmen Finally Come Home

Lt. Joseph J. Auld (courtesy of Gini Doolittle)
Lt. Joseph J. Auld (courtesy of Gini Doolittle)

Musician Rob Morsberger Explores McCarthy Era, Civil Rights In New Album

Inspired by the blacklisted writer Dalton Trumbo and various other literary influences, the latest CD from Rob Mosberger is getting rave reviews, including comparisons to Bob Dylan and Tom Petty. Morsberger, who's also well known as a session musician for other artists such as Crash Test Dummies and Loudon Wainwright III, joins us to talk about his work.

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  • Rob Morsberger, "You Don't Get It"

This program aired on July 14, 2010.


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