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Guest Host: Monica Brady-Myerov

Federal Tool Bag Looks Sparse As The Economy Falters

New numbers out today show a stalling U.S. economy, following a week of bad economic news that includes a sharp decline in home sales and sluggish business spending. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is outlining policy options this morning before the world's central bankers, but markets and policy makers are worried that the government is running out of tools to stimulate economic growth. Our guest is Binyamin Appelbaum, financial reporter for The New York Times.

Six Years On, Pat Tillman's Mother Still Looking For Answers In Friendly Fire Death

In this film publicity image released by The Weinstein Company, Pat Tillman, left, and his brother Kevin are shown in a still from "The Tillman Story." (AP)
In this film publicity image released by The Weinstein Company, Pat Tillman, left, and his brother Kevin are shown in a still from "The Tillman Story." (AP)

In 2004, former football star Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan. But that's not what the Army told the world when it first announced his death. They said he died leading troops into combat against an enemy ambush. The Tillman family continues to search for the truth about what happened that day and that quest is featured in a new film, "The Tillman Story." We speak to Pat's mother Mary Tillman.

Searching For A Home For Europe's Gypsies

The issue of how to deal with Gypsies, also known as Roma, is one facing governments across Europe. France is taking direct action, sending dozens of ethnic Roma back to Romania. England is also trying to deal with the issue and the BBC's Mike Lanchin visited a well-established site in Essex, where the so-called "travellers" are facing eviction.

A Car For Blind Drivers Could Become A Reality

Believe it or not, engineers are hard at work designing a car that a blind person could drive... in traffic! The National Federation of the Blind issued a Blind Driver Challenge to American universities in 2004, and our guest, Dr. Dennis Hong, director of Virginia Tech's Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory, answered the call. Dr. Hong and the NFB plan to unveil the prototype in January 2011 at the Daytona International Speedway, but it'll be a long time before the concept gains public acceptance and government certification for use in the general public.

Harry Shearer's 'Big Uneasy' Asks: How Safe Is New Orleans Today?

Monica Tries The Hurricane Simulator

The Hurricane Simulator (Krysss/Flickr)
The Hurricane Simulator (Krysss/Flickr)
      On a recent trip to a mall in Watertown, Mass., Here & Now guest host

Monica Brady-Myerov
      noticed a booth that simulates hurricane force winds. She decided to give it a whirl and brings back this audio postcard.

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