Six Word Memoirs: Tell Your Story

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SMITH Magazine's six-word memoirs site.
SMITH Magazine's six-word memoirs site.

A while back, we asked you to tell your story in just six words, to write a six-word memoir.

SMITH Magazine published a handful of books full of them and we're going to speak with the founder of the project.

When we asked you to try your hand, we got a fantastic response.

Commenter JB wrote:

Believed I did 'A'. Accomplished 'B'.

Giuseppe Saitta tried his hand:

Born under fascism.
Thrived in Democracy.

Jderkis added this:

Long days, short nights: working Mom.

We discovered what SMITH Magazine discovered — sometimes it takes just six words to tell a touching story, make someone laugh or get an inside window to someone's head.

So, last chance, can you write your life's story in six words?

You can check out other Here & Now listeners' efforts here.

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