Ben Sollee: Indie Rock's Fast Rising Singer-Songwriter/Cellist

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Here & Now Guests:

  • Ben Sollee, singer-songwriter/cellist
  • Phoebe Hunt, fiddle player
  • Jordon Ellis, percussionist

Ben Sollee is a 27-year-old Kentucky native who grew up studying classical music, while also listening to hip hop artist Lauryn Hill. He first gained attention as a member of the Sparrow Quartet, which mixes acoustic sounds with Chinese styles and lyrics.

He's now out on his own, as a fast-rising, singer-songwriter/cellist, who plucks the instrument like a guitar, taps it like a drum or, more traditionally, plays with a bow. Ben Sollee's new album is called "Inclusions."

This segment aired on June 6, 2011.


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