What Rick Perry's Prayer Meeting Means For His Potential Presidential Bid

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry. (AP)
Texas Gov. Rick Perry. (AP)

GOP insiders say Governor Rick Perry will likely throw his cowboy hat into the presidential race, maybe just ahead of the Iowa straw poll next month.

He's in no rush to declare because he's already second or third in most polls, especially among GOP voters who don't like Mitt Romney or Michele Bachmann.

As the longest serving governor of the Lone Star State, Perry has a long record that includes strong job-creation, as well as restricting abortion rights, and supporting the death penalty, often controversially.

He's also raising eyebrows for an unusual prayer event he's hosting next month just before the straw poll. It's called "The Response: A call to prayer for a nation in crisis," and the event will be dominated by fundamentalist Christian leaders.


  • Wayne Slater is senior political writer for the Dallas Morning News

This segment aired on July 11, 2011.


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