A Simple Act Of Kindness Lifts A Family

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Rick Parker, of Melrose, Mass., loved carrying his 9-year-old, 75-pound son Sam up the stairs each night to put him to bed. Sam can't climb the steps himself because he has cerebral palsy.

So, when Rick's doctors told him he had a life-threatening heart condition and couldn't lift Sam anymore, it broke his heart. Rick and his wife Patty were panicked about how they could continue to care for their son.

Enter Rudy Favard, co-captain of the football team at Malden Catholic High School, who answered a call for help.

For 15 minutes, every night for a year, Rudy would go to the Parkers' home to do what Rick could no longer do - carry Sam up those stairs.

This segment aired on September 2, 2011.


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