10 Years Into Afghan War, Seeing Afghanistan Through Afghan Eyes

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Ten years ago today, the U.S. went to war in Afghanistan.

There are over 130,000 western troops in the country, most of them American. The White House has no public event planned to mark the anniversary, but yesterday hundreds of Afghans marched peacefully in the capital, Kabul, to demand the immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops.

But what's on most Afghan minds? Judging from an extraordinary set of documentaries, most are thinking about getting on with life.

Filmmaker Michael Sheridan put cameras into the hands of Afghans and trained them to make documentaries on subjects they thought important.

The result are intimate looks at everyday life in Afghanistan, showing bread bakeries run by women, or the hard labor of building shools, hospital and canals.

In one film, a woman who lost a leg to a bomb tries to go about finding a prosthetic, in another, a mother works hard to keep a girls' school going in her small village. The 10 short films are called "The Fruit Of Our Labor."


This segment aired on October 7, 2011.


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