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Occupy Wall Street protesters across the country are considering what's next after protesters were evicted and then told they could only come back without tents in some cities.

In New York, the number of protesters thinned out last night, the BBC says. About 30 people remained, after a judge ruled that they could stay in Zucotti Park — but without tents or camping gear.

Oakland and Berkeley officials have similar bans. The occupiers in Oakland have scattered around the city and protestors are camping out at UC Berkeley with tents, in spite of the ban.

Boston Occupiers are still there in numbers, but they're seeking a restraining order to stop police from removing their encampments down the road.

Meanwhile, mayors of the cities that evicted protesters are denying that the actions were coordinated. That charge came when it was revealed that eleven mayors participated in a conference call last week about the protests. But a spokeswoman for Portland, Oregon's mayor told MSNBC that the call was "more of a therapy session" than a way to strategize on closing encampments.

"What do you think is next for the Occupy movement?" We asked that question on our website and on our Facebook page.

One listener who goes by "Johnny Frog" says: "The 'brand' for this movement is already shot. people see it as an aimless movement. Complaints but no solutions."

But Glenn Koenig writes: "I am very optimistic... the movement is just getting started. Of course there will be many challenges. That’s natural in the early stages of anything, but make no mistake: this is the start of a new chapter in a massive world wide cultural change. Stay tuned!"

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This segment aired on November 16, 2011.


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