A Holiday Note From Robin

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By: Robin Young

So I'm getting ready to pack the sleigh — where to put that giant bean bag chair?!-- and as I deliver gifts this holiday, I'll be thinking of a visit I made to a friend's apartment this week.

At the door to one of the units: a big box. It was from Globe Santa, a terrific program run by the Boston Globe that gets gifts to needy kids.

But we knew there were no kids home here. Their mother had just been charged with murder.

I know, pretty chilling.

So I took the box, and now good people at the Globe are trying to get it to the kids, who are somewhere deep in the foster care system.

It's reminds me that, for some kids, an entire Christmas might fit in one box.

But it's still something.

So just a thought. Maybe you have a great organization like Globe Santa where you are.

Have a great holiday. I'll be the one with the blue bean bag chair tied to the roof!

This segment aired on December 23, 2011.


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