Letters: From Pentagon Strategies To 'Downton Abbey'

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After that terrible Christmas Day fire that was caused by fireplace ash discarded in a paper bag, we spoke with a fire chief who said ash should always be put in a metal container and doused with water.

Listener Steve Fay had some more thoughts and recommended The Wood Heat Organization's safety tips.

One of their tips that Steve points out is that ashes can not only reignite, but they can give off carbon monoxide for days. So make sure to put a lid on the metal container.

Steve MacIntyre of Greenville, Delaware responded to yesterday's Petagon press conference on Military Strategy. Steve says:

"You don't choose the wars, they chose you."

But of course Steve and many others also wrote: What about Iraq?

Then there were the 99 million fans who yelled at us after critic Ed Seigel's preview yesterday of the second season of Downton Abbey had some spoilers.

Greg writes on our website:

"My girlfriend was listening on the car radio I listen on the iphone app, which has a 10-15 sec delay Fortunately she called me SO I COULD STOP before your guest gave too much away."


This segment aired on January 6, 2012.


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