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Ukrainian Protests Captured On Film04:02

This article is more than 6 years old.

Igor Savychenko may not be a filmmaker you've heard of. But if you go online, you can find clips of some of the work he's produced through Babylon 13, a group of Ukrainian filmmakers documenting the deadly anti-government protests in Ukraine.

One short film called "In Hell" (below) shows protesters throwing tires on huge bonfires that raged in Kiev last week. Another, called "Shame" (above), shows the faces of Ukrainian police in full riot gear. As the camera confronts them one by one, they look down in shame.

"When we saw TV news about Egypt two years ago, that was something far, far from you, and for now we have it exactly in the middle of Ukraine," Savychenko told Here & Now's Jeremy Hobson. "The same violence, the same people who are trying to do society better than it was before."

The conflict in Ukraine is far from over, he says.

"We are not in the third act even," Savychenko said. "And the third act is going to be some type of political decision and then — it’s unpredictable for the moment. Please look at Cairo, look at Syria, look at Thailand. They still protest. Because in general, Ukrainian system is corrupted. Even if you buy the car or buy the bread, you know, you understand that you pay some more for corruption."


This segment aired on February 4, 2014.

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