Malaysian Prime Minister: All Lives Lost On Flight 37004:44

This article is more than 7 years old.

The Malaysian prime minister today said based on unprecedented analysis of satellite data provided by the British company Inmarsat, he is announcing -- "with deep sadness" -- that Malaysia Airlines' Flight 370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean off Perth, Australia, near where crews are searching for possible debris from the airliner.

He said more details would be forthcoming tomorrow.

Here & Now speaks to journalists Clive Irving (audio above) and the Wall Street Journal's Andy Pasztor (audio below) about the latest on the missing flight.

Jim Hall, who was the chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board during the crash of TWA flight 800, joins Robin Young to share his reaction to the missing Malaysia Airlines plane (audio below).


  • Clive Irving, contributor to The Daily Beast and senior consulting editor specializing in aviation for Conde Nast Traveler.
  • Andy Pasztor, airline industry reporter for The Wall Street Journal.
  • Jim Hall, former chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board.

This segment aired on March 1, 2014.