Kidnapping Of Girls Just One Example Of Campaign By Boko Haram04:41

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The U.S. has started flying manned surveillance missions over Nigeria, in the search for the hundreds of school girls that were kidnapped last month.

Mike Omeri, the director of Nigeria's information agency, called the National Orientation Agency, said the government will use "whatever kind of action" it takes to free the girls.

The government is coming under increasing pressure to face up to Boko Harram, the militant group that's holding the girls. But this is just the latest example of a long campaign by the group.

BBC world affairs editor John Simpson reports that Boko Haram has been attacking security forces and the civilian population for many years now in northern Nigeria and anger there is growing.

Here & Now's Robin Young then speaks with Heidi Vogt of the Wall Street Journal, who is covering the story from Nigeria's capital Abuja.

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  • John Simpson, world affairs editor for the BBC.


This segment aired on May 13, 2014.