Music From The Show

This article is more than 5 years old.

The Cinematic Orchestra, "Flite"
The Velvet Underground, "Oh! Sweet Nuthin'"
The Cure, "Boys Don't Cry"
Clark, "Pleen 1930's"
Timbre Timbre, "Magic Arrow"
The Velvet Underground, "All Tomorrow's Parties"
Fuck Buttons, "Year Of The Dog"
Belle & Sebastian, "I'm A Cuckoo"
Ziggy Marley “Fly Rasta”
Ziggy Marley “Give it Away”
Ziggy Marley “Beach in Hawaii”
Ziggy Marley “I Love You Too”
The Walkmen, "We've Been Had"

The Watermark High, "Maybe Tomorrow Everything Will Be Better"
The Feelies, "The Boy With Perpetual Nervousness"
Neko Case, "Calling Cards"
The Cure, "Just Like Heaven"
Joanna Newsome, "Bridges and Balloons"
Ratatat, "Lapland"
Pete Yorn, "On Your Side"
STS9, "Oil and WAter"
The Walker Brothers, "Nite Flights"
Stone Temple Pilots, "Press Play"
Big Gigantic, "Looking Back"

This segment aired on June 10, 2014. The audio for this segment is not available.

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