Music From The Show

J.Dilla, "Dillatroit"

Bear In Heaven, "You Do You"

Fool's Gold, "Surprise Hotel"

Animal Collective, "New Town Burnout"

Wilco, "Spiders"

Neu!, "Isi"

Braids, "Lemonade"

Three Trapped Tigers, "5"

Hiatus, "Nobody"

Steve Reich, "Music For Mallets"

Debruit, "Nigeria What?"

Steve Earle, "Transcendental Blues"

The Knife, "You Make Me Like Charity"

Laurie Johnson, "Happy Go Lively"

Real Estate, "It's Real"

Bridges and Balloons, "Joanna Newsome"

College, "Critical Mass"

Systems Officer, "OUI"

Benn Jordan, "Leaving Earth"

Caveman, "In The City"

Max Richter, "Embers"

Slightly Stoopid, "2 AM"

This segment aired on June 27, 2014. The audio for this segment is not available.


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