The Latest On Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 From Ukraine

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We get the latest from the Malaysian Airlines crash site in Ukraine, and how the investigation is going.

Here & Now’s Jeremy Hobson talks to Filip Warwick, a freelance photojournalist who’s been at the crash site.

Interview Highlights

On who is investigating at the crash site

"The Ukrainian government has been refused entry, so in terms of starting any kind of preliminary investigation from the Ukrainian side, that's been practically impossible. The separatists have actually taken the matter into their own hands. So as I mentioned, you have the fire brigade and the emergency services combing the area, but in terms of, say, disaster management, I wouldn't say that they've had any experience doing it."

On whether illegal activity is taking place

"They haven't cordoned off the area all together, so since yesterday evening or even yesterday afternoon, you've had journalists, you had separatists, you had chauffeurs, taxi drivers, even ordinary members of the public, so the villagers, walk all over the crime scene."

"I haven't come across a single mobile phone, I haven't come across a single wallet with money, I haven't come across a single camera — they all mysteriously have gone missing."

"That area hasn't been cordoned off so there isn't really a security zone there."

On what the villagers have seen

"There weren't any villagers today except for a father and son team who were actually working in the field, and one of them basically said that they saw the plane fragment into pieces and fall all over a large radius. Then, he saw villagers from surrounding areas come down ... to help any survivors, but he noticed that some were in complete shock at what they were able to see."


  • Filip Warwick, freelance photojournalist. He tweets @filipwarwick.

This segment aired on July 18, 2014.


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