Kurdish Region Roiled By ISIS And Flood Of Refugees

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The U.S. military bombed more suspected ISIS sites in Syria and Iraq last night and today.

One unconfirmed air strike hit near the town of Kobani, which ISIS fighters have been trying to take over for the past week.

More than 140,000 Syrian Kurdish refugees have now crossed into Turkey, which makes the Turkish government very nervous.

The BBC's Mark Lowen is on the Turkish-Syrian border and he tells Here & Now's Robin Young that Turkey "is bursting at the seams" with more than one million Syrian Kurdish refugees already in the country.

And the Turkish government's reluctance to be part of the U.S.-led military coalition "may be slowly changing."

Note: This BBC interview can be heard in the Here & Now podcast or with the WBUR app.


  • Mark Lowen, correspondent for BBC News. He tweets @marklowen.

This segment aired on September 24, 2014.


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