A Story Of Kindness In Venice, Italy

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As Parkinson’s disease worsened for Bernard Michaels, his family took him on a final trip to Europe. Early in the trip, a slip in Venice, Italy landed him in the hospital.

His daughter, Sonia, set out with a collapsible wheelchair to meet him, but 17 staired footbridges, slick with rain, stood between them. Fortunately, others took notice.

Sonia Michaels shares a story of kindness in a foreign place for Kind World, a series from Here & Now contributing station WBUR that celebrates acts of kindness.

Kind World is produced by Zack Ezor, Lisa Tobin and Nate Goldman. If you have a story of kindness to share, please send them a message or email them at

This segment aired on January 19, 2015.


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