Music From The Show

  • Kelpe, "Nice Eyes In My Size"
  • Broken Social Scene, "Guilty Cubicles"
  • Doldrums, "Holographic Sandcastle"
  • Ancient Lasers, "From The Sky"
  • Stereo Lab, "Brakhage"
  • American Football, "You Know I Should Be Leaving Soon"
  • Kim Hiorthoy, "The Woods"
  • Pinback, "Sender"
  • Lifeformed, "Sepia Tone Laboratory"
  • Seekae, "4lb"
  • Trans Am, "Love Affair"
  • Helms, "Smallest World In The World"
  • Thrupence, "Voyages"
  • Kim Deal, "Dirty Hessians"
  • Wax Stag, "Short Road"
  • Death Cab For Cutie, "405"
  • Geoglyphs, "Wavelength"
  • TV On The Radio, "Ride"
  • Monster Rally, "Orchids"
  • C.C.S., "Alala"

This segment aired on March 16, 2015. The audio for this segment is not available.


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