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Ghostfaced Killah, "Rise Of The Ghostfaced Killah"
Chrome Canyon, "Branches"
John Hartford, "Skippin In The Mississippi Dew"
Blockhead, "Insomniac Olympics"
Amon Tobin, "Nova"
Blue Sky Black Death, "Our Hearts Of Ruin"
Two Lone Swordsmen, "You Are..."
deadmau5, "Aural Synapse"
Wu-Tang, "Preservation"
Ben Folds Five, "Hospital Song"

Lusine, "Arterial"
Tarentel, "Two Sides Of Myself PT1"
Daedelus, "Pre-Munitions"
Teebs, "Anchor Steam"
Beat Conductor, "Marrakech"
Mitch Murder, "Breeze"
Francois Couperin, "L'Aptheose de Lulli I. Lully in the Elysian Fields making music with the spirits of the underworld"
Seekae, "Void Reprise"
Sckinemax, "To The Crystal Core"
Baroness, "Yellow Theme"

This segment aired on April 6, 2015. The audio for this segment is not available.


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