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DJ Session: Sounds Of Paris10:05

This article is more than 4 years old.

For this week's edition of the Here & Now DJ Sessions, host Jeremy Hobson turns to Paris, a week after the attacks there. Clément Bindzi is a musician in Paris, and he was at a concert very close to one of the restaurant attacks in Paris.

Bindzi shares some of his thoughts on the day, and some music that he's been listening to since then - including his own song "Now" that hasn't been released yet, but you can hear the full version here.

Note: We have a Spotify playlist and an Apple Music playlist for our weekly DJ Sessions.

Songs In This Segment

Jean Ferrat, "La Montagne"

Maître Gims, "Sapés comme jamais ft. Niska"

Stromae, "Alors On Danse"

Clément Bindzi, "Now" (This track has not yet been released but you can hear it here.)

Oxmo Puccino, "Soleil Du Nord"


This segment aired on November 20, 2015.

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