Boston Globe Reporters Deliver Their Own Newspapers

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The Boston Globe has been making headlines these past few months. The movie "Spotlight" has been getting Oscar buzz. The film highlights the investigative work to uncover the clergy sex abuse scandal in Boston and around the world. Now, those same Globe reporters are pounding the pavement for a different reason: they've been delivering the paper.

It all started a few weeks ago when the Globe switched its delivery company to the California-based ACI Media Group. Since then, an estimated 10 percent of the Globe's home delivery customers have not been getting their papers.

With frustration growing - on the part of both customers and Globe staff - a group of reporters decided to take matters into their own hands, rising before the sun this weekend to cover the delivery routes that haven't been staffed by the new company.

Beth Healy is an investigative reporter covering business for the Boston Globe. She joins Here & Now's Robin Young to discuss the unusual reporter deliveries, and the future of the paper.


This segment aired on January 4, 2016.



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