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U137, "Varberg"
Daedulus, "Pre-Munitions"
Evan Gipson, "Baby Featherlight"
Emancipator, "Lionheart"
Daft Punk, "Da Funk"
Dr. Dre, "Housewife"
Danny Malone, "Lighting Bolt"
Boards Of Canada, "Skyliner"
Seekae, "4lb"

Bakerman, "Laid Back"
David Bowie, "Underground"
Balmorhea, "Baleen Morning"
Kendall Carter, "Perpetuations"
Chanca Via Circuito, "Sauce"
Dorian Concept, "Trophies"
Octave Minds, "Projectionist"
Fiona Apple, "On The Bound"
Randy Newman, "I Love LA"
C.S.S., "Alala"


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