Music From The Show

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Bad Bad Not Good, "Hedron"
Lifetones, "For A Reason"
Enemies, "Bonopi"
Boom Bip, "Girl Toy"
Nosaj Thing, "Distance"
Navnelos, "Sonic Youth"
X Japan, “X”
Yoshiki, “Golden Globe Theme”
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, “Theme from Swan Lake,” performed by Yoshiki
Yoshiki, “Anniversary”
Ludwig van Beethoven, “Moonlight Sonata,” performed by Yoshiki
X Japan, “La Venus”
Don Caballero, "Palm Trees In The Fecking Bahamas"
The Gas Light Killer, "Residual Tingles"
Aesop Rock, "Zero Dark Thirty"
White Rainbow, "Touchdown"
Helvetia, "The Acrobats"
Ancient Lasers, "Hybrid Gear"
Blockhead, "Tricky Turtle"
Palm, "You Are What Eats You"
Martin Waslewski, "Kwaiet"
Rodg, "Jaquelin Chilli Mix"
Baroness, "Yellow Theme"


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