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Elysia Crampton, "Red Eyez"
Washed Out, "Eyes Be Closed"
Casio Kids, "Fot i hose"
Ancient Lasers, "Aniaml Magic"
Woman, "Eyesore"
Jeff Parker, "Cliche"
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs, "Escalator"
Rustie, "A Gllimpse"
Radiohead, "Lotus Flower"
The Beta band, "B+A"
Mogwai, "Jaguar"
Broken Social Scene, "Pacific Theme"
Blonde Red Head, "Melody"
Shigeto, "So So Lovely"
Bonobo, "7th Seven"
Couch, "Blinde Zeichen"
The Sound Carriers, "This is normal"
Amon Tobin, "Nova"
Bexar Bexar, "Kit"
Beck, "Tropicalia"


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