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Rachel's, "Kentucky Nocturne"
Luke Abbott, "Highrise"
Radiohead, "Day Dream"
Univore, "Beast From A Silk Worm"
Crystal Castles, "Magic Spells"
Boris, "Farewell"
Blockhead, "The Prettiest Sea Slug"
Clark, "Pleen 1930s"
Manila Killah, "All I Want"
Ratatat, "Lapland"
Timber Timbre, "Magic Arrow"
Octave Minds, "Done Deal"
Battles, "Inchworm"
Weval, "Square People"
Digitalism, "Go Time"
Kelpe, "Astrolomy"
Fourtet, "Unicorn"
Broken Social Scene, "Guilty Club"
The Cars, "Since I Held You"


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