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Deer Hunter, "Curve"
L'indecis, "Wine and Roses"
90 Day Men, "Too Late or Too Dead"
M.O.O.N. "Time"
Sonic Youth, "Incinerate"
Project Paula, "Amiga"
Dead Meadow, "Dragon Fly"
Ganjasufi, "Your Maker"
Rival Consoles, "Jan"
Daft Punk, "Short Circuit"
Horse Lords, "Macaw"
Night Moves, "Colored Emotions"
Bexar Bexar, "N.R.O.T."
Lymbic System, "1000 Arms"
Comrac, "Alderaan"
Edison, "Pigeon 2"
Wonder Woman Wrath
Sky Tony, "Palm Desert"
Parra For Cuva, "Little Wave"
Swans, "She Loves Us"


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