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War Paint, "White Out"
Lexer, "Till Dawn"
Michal Turtle, "Astral Decoy"
Yawning Man, "Perpetual Oyster"
Ratat, "Laplan"
Beauty Pill, "Cigarette Girl Of The Future"
Kodak To Graph, "Desolation"
Star*ucker, "Rawnald Gergory Emerson"
Radiohead, "Day Dream"
Submerse, "Let's Never Come Back Here"
Architeq, "Birds of Prey"
Yppah, "Paper Knife"
Cloud Becomes Your Hand, "Bridge of Ignorance Returns"
Cosmonauts, "Cycle Eyes"
Wax Stag, "Short Road"
Foxygen, "Mattress Warehouse"
Deerhoof, "God 2"
Dorian Concept, "Trophies"
The Anonymous, "Hope To Meet You"


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