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Fiona Apple, "On The Bound"
Deerhoof, "Tiny Bubbles"
Jonathan Richman, "Ice Cream Man"
Pepperland, "George Martin"
Mad Professor, "I Spy"
Thompson Twins, "Hold Me Now"
Tides Of Man, "Keep Me Safe"
Maxence Cyrin "Where Is My Mind"
Skoal Kodiak, "Scriswell"
Yes, "Heart Of The Sunrise"
June Of 44, "Shadow Pugilist"
Dawn Of Midi, "Sinope"
Phillip Glass, "Opening"
Battles, "FF Bada"
Lemon Jelly, "88 aka Come Down On Me"
Mitch Murder, "Breeze"
Jaco Pastorius, "Reza/Giant Steps"
Bill Cunliffe, "Blame it On My Youth"
Linda May Han Oh, "Walk Against Wind"
Louis Hayes, "Ecaroh"
Ahmad Jamal, "Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child"
Toe, "Kodukunohatsum"
Blonde Redhead, "Melody"
Swans, "Screen Shot"


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