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Deltron 303, "Virus"
Boris, "Farewell"
Matias Aguayo, "Walty"
Louis The Child, "From Here"
Helms, "The Kindness Of Automatic Doors"
Fats Domino, "Kansas City"
Isotope 217, "MetaBass"
Blondes, "Wine"
Blackbird Blackbird, "Rare Candy"
Jupiter, "AV"
Braxton Cook, "Millennial"
Can, "Vitamin C"
Disasterpeace, "Compass"
RJD2, "King Tut"
Fleet Foxes, "Mearcstapa"
Silje Nes, "Mirrored"
Miami Nights 1984, "Ocean Drive"
C.S.S., "Alala"


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