April 19, 2018: Hour 2

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In hour two of Here & Now's April 19, 2018 full broadcast, we speak with Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat from Minnesota, who helped make a rules change allowing senators to bring their babies onto the Senate floor during votes. Also, Andrew Sean Greer's novel "Less" won this year's Pulitzer Prize for fiction. We revisit host Robin Young's conversation with Greer about the book from last July. And there have been protests in northern India this week over the rape and murder of an 8-year-old Muslim girl in January. Indian activist and former civil servant Aruna Roy was one of many who wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, calling his government's response "feeble and inadequate." You can read and hear more at, follow us on Twitter and join the conversation on Facebook and Tumblr.

This program aired on April 19, 2018.


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