Parents and families, we want to know why your child care provider rocks

The Friday before Mother’s Day is Provider Appreciation Day. (Jeff Chiu/AP)
The Friday before Mother’s Day is Provider Appreciation Day. (Jeff Chiu/AP)

The workers and teachers who care for children from birth to 5 years old have long been essential. But they rarely get the recognition, respect or pay that K-12 educators receive.

It’s time to change that — and advocates say Provider Appreciation Day, the Friday before Mother’s Day, is a good first step.

Here & Now's early childhood coverage often addresses the challenges that these workers helping little ones face. But let’s take a moment to hear some of the reasons these people — who are mostly women and people of color earning poverty wages — bring so much joy and gratitude to the lives of families.

Fill out the questionnaire below — and if you can, please send us a voice recording of your responses. You can also submit responses and voice recordings to .

Your answers may be used on air and/or on an expert advice segment with our host about appreciating early child care providers.

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