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How a parole violation sent Jacob Wideman back to prison — possibly for life

(Diego Mallo for The Marshall Project)
(Diego Mallo for The Marshall Project)

Six months after Jacob Wideman was released from prison on home arrest, his parole officer told the parole board that Jake was doing well. But other people were coming to a different conclusion.

About a week before the hearing, Jake’s parole officer had told him that he had received complaints that Jake had committed numerous violations of the terms of his parole — violations that, if he had committed them, could cost him his freedom. And, his parole officer said, a private investigator could be watching him.

Soon after that routine check-in hearing before the parole board, Jake was re-arrested.

In Part 6 of Violation, we hear interviews and testimony from Jake, his attorneys, parole officials and others as we piece together the events leading up to the parole violation that sent Jake behind bars again — possibly for life.

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This segment aired on April 27, 2023.


Beth Schwartzapfel Host and Reporter
Beth Schwartzapfel is the host and reporter of Violation, a podcast from WBUR and The Marshall Project.



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