Welcome to WBUR's New Beta Site

Welcome to WBUR’s beta site, We’ve reimagined how you experience public radio, especially digital audio, no matter where you are or which device you use.

Why Beta?

We are delighted to have you explore an in-progress version of our vision for our future, because your feedback will make it even better. We know we have a lot more work to do, fixing bugs and adding features. By using the site, you’ll help show us what works, and what doesn’t.

We felt it was important to create this beta for a couple of reasons:

We wanted to celebrate audio. This new platform looks and feels more like an audio app because it’s built like an app. You can listen live or on-demand while browsing the site, and the audio will stay with you. We wanted to make audio front and center, easy to find, and most importantly, infuse the digital experience with some of the serendipity found in the best of public radio.

We wanted something made for your phone. We wanted our experience on mobile to be modern, exceedingly fast and frankly, just work. That’s why we created a responsive design and built it for speed. You should never have a problem loading any part of Try us on your phone first!

We wanted a platform we could innovate on. We have a lot more work to do, especially around how members use the site. This is a brand-new platform for us, one that streamlines production and allows us to spend more time on digital storytelling and creating useful experiences for our members.

We wanted to take this journey with you, our members, listeners and readers. Public radio’s mission is about all of you, after all. We can not build a great website without the full, ongoing support of our members and their opinions. We need to know what you think, what you want, and what you need from us. We felt the best way to do this is to design and build out in the open, showing our work, and have you weigh in.

Before you dive in, there are some things we know might not work right:

-The content is imported from the current site and may look awkward in some areas.
-Some pages are missing.
-The site works better in a browser like Chrome.
-Some program logos are temporary.
-Ads are examples of different types of messages.

How can you help?

Send us your feedback! Either fill out this form or email us directly. You can also sign up for newsletter updates where I’ll be writing periodically about our process, progress and milestones. We’ll also be planning a series of opportunities to test and give feedback in person.

You can still use the classic version of to access your favorite programs, interviews, broadcasts and articles. Nothing will change on that site while we work on this new one. Thanks for supporting WBUR!

-Tiffany Campbell, Executive Editor, Digital


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