On Point's Entire Smarter Health Series is Out Now!


This spring, WBUR's On Point released an original series, Smarter Health, supported in part by Vertex, exploring how artificial intelligence and machine learning may revolutionize the health care industry.

To kick off the series, Meghna Chakrabarti moderated a live panel at WBUR's CitySpace at The Lavine Broadcast Center featuring:

Daniela Rus — Andrew and Erna Viterbi professor of electrical engineering and computer science and director of the computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Merritt Moore — quantum physicist and professional ballerina

Justin Werfel — senior research fellow and head of the Designing Emergence Laboratory, Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

The conversation is available to watch on YouTube, as well as to listen to as an On Point podcast episode.



Event Episode. Remarkable science: Exploring our AI and robot-supported future

I was really intrigued by certain documentaries like Alpha Go, where you see AI beating the human at this game that's been around for thousands of years.

Merritt Moore, Quantum Physicist and Professional Ballerina

See Merritt dance with robots she programmed

Series Episodes

Episode 1. How AI is transforming health care: Artificial intelligence offers the potential to improve health care — from predicting someone’s risk of having a heart attack, to predicting seizure loads for epilepsy patients, to solving public health problems. What is the potential for AI to transform American health care? Debuted May 27.

Episode 2. Ethics of the death predictorWe'll break down the ethical considerations of AI in health care. What are the privacy concerns about data collection, and how can researchers and developers advance tools while protecting patients? Debuted June 3. 

Episode 3. Regulating the algorithmAs AI develops in the health care space,
regulations need to develop in tandem. We'll talk to the head of the FDA’s
digital health division, Dr. Matthew Diamond, about what role the FDA will play as AI expands. We’ll also talk to experts about guardrails needed to ensure patient safety and privacy. Debuted June 10.

Episode 4. The people of AI: Our final episode gets up close with the people working and developing AI technology, and the patients receiving AI care. How can this technology thrive in our complex and broken health care system? Debuted June 17. 

This series is supported in part by Vertex, The Science of Possibility.


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