New episodes, picture books and podcast festival lineups mark milestones for children's show Circle Round

200 episodes sure went by fast — "Fast Feast," that is. Circle Round, where storytime happens all the time, is celebrating our special bicentennial anniversary with an episode all about the abundance that comes from generosity of spirit and mind.


It's a fitting theme six years after the launch of WBUR's podcast for the young and young at heart. Since, our community of listeners from more than 160 countries has shared in countless lessons learned, in-person performances and picture book readings. They've even cuddled up with our signature lion, too.

There's a lot ahead, including our fourth picture book release with Storey Publishing, "The Lion's Whisker." But first, we're bringing the storytelling magic back to CitySpace on April 15 and 16.

The action-packed Mega Awesome Super Huge Wicked Fun Podcast Playdate returns with a new lineup and the premiere of a new Circle Round story. Host Rebecca Sheir and composer Eric Shimelonis kick off our two-day weekend festival before fellow performers from Tumble Science Podcast for Kids, Girl Tales, The Past and the Curious and Smash Boom Best take the stage.

With excitement and tickets in hand, you'll be ready to gear up for this year's festival with a viewing party of past performances.


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