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On This Valentine's Day, We Celebrate Kindness From An Unexpected Source: Our Exes!

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Breakups can involve lots tears, tissues, complicated feelings and simmering resentments. But here at Kind World, we asked some of our friends and colleagues to reflect back and think about the nice things their exes have done for them. We got some pretty great answers.

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    Efrain Hernandez, WBUR intern: "I listed her as a reference, and she told me later that they called her up and she gave me a reference."

    Taylor Pendleton Harris, WBUR community engagement specialist: "He let me keep his sweatshirts!"

    Jack Lepiarz, WBUR's midday host: "I think the nicest thing an ex has ever -not done for me but, I think, offered to do for me was to watch my cat while I was away for a week."

    Marquis Neal, engineer for WBUR and NPR's Only A Game: "She helped me graduate high school ... she helped me get my papers done and turn in all my papers and pass my tests."

    Maria Garcia, senior editor of WBUR's The ARTery: "This person who I dated took care of my childhood Barbies and my childhood Barbie furniture for over a year in his storage free of charge."

    Yasmin Amer Twitter Reporter
    Yasmin Amer is a business reporter for WBUR.


    Andrea Asuaje Twitter Reporter/Producer, Kind World
    Andrea Asuaje was a reporter and producer in WBUR’s iLab, where she made Kind World.



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