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Making History

This article is more than 14 years old.
Barack Obama and Joe Biden greet delegates at the DNC. (AP)
Barack Obama and Joe Biden greet delegates at the DNC. (AP)

The ticket marks the first time a major party has nominated an African-American
as its presidential nominee. (NPR)

Massachusetts chose Hillary Clinton in the primary, but Bay State delegates helped Obama secure the nomination last night, with a little push from Governor Patrick. (WBUR)

A look at the path leading to this historic moment. (NPR)

In a surprise appearance, Obama joined Biden onstage after his running mate's acceptance speech. (WBUR, NPR)

Bill Clinton threw his support behind Barack Obama last night. The former president stressed Obama is "ready to lead America" and restore the U.S. world position. (BBC)

>>Listen to Clinton's speech. (NPR)

In On Point'sreport from Denver,top international journalists look at Obama on the world stage. (On Point) Four years after addressing the DNC as the presidential nominee, Senator John Kerry told delegates America is closer to electing a Democrat now than in 2004. (WBUR)

>>Listen to Kerry's speech. (NPR)

Tonight, Barack Obama will accept the presidential nomination and deliver his acceptance speech, as the convention moves tothe Bronco's football stadium. (WBUR)

Obama said the goal was "make sure that everybody who wants to come can join in the effort to take America back." With 75,000 people expected, the scene will look and feelmore like a rock concert than a political event.(NPR)

Obama's speech comes on the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous "I Have a Dream" speech. (NPR)

Meanwhile, Republicans have been spotted in Denver this week, countering Democrats during their convention. (NPR) The GOP has set its party platform, which proved to be an exercise in balancing positions of the party faithful with those of their presumptive nominee, John McCain. (NPR)

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