Gangstagrass Raps Out A Joyful Noise

I have to say that I'm on record as a huge fan of the TV series "Justified" and that I had also become intrigued by Gangstagrass, the group who plays the music over the opening credits, "Long Hard Times To Come." So it was obvious to me that I'd be going to review them when they came to All Asia Thursday night.

But a funny thing happened between the time I reviewed "Justified" and their appearance at All Asia. My cousin — or to be precise, my wife's first cousin once removed, Dan Whitener — joined the group on banjo. So it would be inappropriate to give them a full-scale review, but I will say I had a blast listening to what I had already called a great blend of bluegrass and hip-hop. All Asia has the same kind of funky vibe as the old Inn Square Men's Bar (Ladies Invited) and though that might date me I was delighted to see that despite all the yoots in the crowd I wasn't the oldest person in the place. Heck, I might not even have been in the top five.

But enough about me. Let me turn the mic, or at least the post, over to Anthony Brooks and our friends at Radio Boston.

Gangstagrass at WBUR. (Photo, Joe Spurt)
Gangstagrass at WBUR. (Joe Spurr/WBUR)

This program aired on February 28, 2013. The audio for this program is not available.

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