Forecast: Today's Cool, Breezy (And Later Raw) Weather Replaces Wednesday's Tropical Downpours

If you kept the windows open overnight you definitely noticed a chance in the air. A cold front passed by the area Wednesday and was the catalyst for the day's heavy morning rain.

There's no rain in the forecast today, so this morning's commute should be normal — hard and horrible, that is — but not nearly as frightening or frustrating as yesterday when heavy rains snarled traffic.

The cold front that went by us, however, may become an issue Friday and early Saturday. This is especially the case for areas south of a Boston and nearer to the Providence line.

The problem is the warm and humid air continues to lurk off the coast and will try to come north again. As it does so, an area of rain will move westward from the Atlantic. This has nothing at all to do with hurricane Joaquin, which is still over 1,500 miles away in the Bahamas.

Rain will try to overspread the area from south to north early Friday and continue into Friday evening. How far north the rain ends up is still a bit of a question. Areas north of Boston and west of Worcester might not see much rain at all, while Cape Cod and the Islands could see an inch or two with isolated patches of heavier rainfall.

You should plan on a wet day Friday, but not a day like Wednesday. Saturday looks like a cloudy and cool day.

There will be a persistent, and at times, strong northeast gradient through Saturday. Winds could be strong enough Friday along the coast to bring down a tree, but these conditions won’t be widespread. Minor coastal flooding, including some splash over, is also likely through each high tide.

Depending on the track of Joaquin, more rain and possible wind could arrive later Sunday and Monday. The track of the storm is still very much influx. The storm could come onshore or remain out to sea. All options are still very much on the table. The official track of the storm has trended a bit further east.

Today: Breezy with lots of clouds, some sunny break and cooler. Highs 60-65.

Tonight: Mostly cloudy, raw and cool. Lows 40-45.

Friday: Very chilly with rain developing south to north during the late morning and afternoon. Heaviest and steadies south. Highs in the 50s.

Saturday: Cloudy, some showers south of Boston. Highs 55-60.

Sunday: Cloudy. Highs in the lower 60s.

Monday: Cloudy with a chance of rain. Highs 60-67.

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